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Is a Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Right for Me?

There's a reason professionals use Zero Turn lawn mowers. Those reasons may make a Zero Turn mower the perfect choice to save you time and give you the clean cut you want. At D&G Equipment we want you to be happy with the equipment you choose. The best way to find out what's right for you is to come talk to us. Each type of equipment has its options and it depends on you, the size of your yard, the topography of your yard, what you want to do on your property beside mow, and much storage space you have to decide what's the best fit. Here are five great reasons you might want to choose a zero turn: 

  • You can get high quality mowing at higher speeds than lawn and garden tractors
  • The 180 degree turns gives you greater efficiency
  • You can almost eliminate the need to weed whip around trees and flowerbeds
  • A zero-turn can literally cut your mowing and trimming time in half
  • Today's zero turns come in a range of sizes and costs to fit your budget

Which zero turn is right for you?

If you determine a zero turn is right for you, then your salesman at D&G Equipment will help you determine which model is best for you based on factors like these:

  • Who will be driving it?
  • What is your the terrain of your property?
  • How big is your yard?
  • How much does your budget allow?

D&G Equipment is located in Mason, Williamston, Highland, Corunna, Howell, Rives Junction and Charlotte.  You'll enjoy our large selection of lawn mowers, including walk-behind lawn mowing equipment from various manufacturers, riding mowers and zero turn mowers. 

Check out the full line-up of zero-turn mowers D&G offers by selecting your preferred make:





Mow better, faster.

Z525E Get a John Deere Residential ZTrack zero turn mower and mow your chores away!

Take a test drive at D&G Equipment. Feel the quality, try out the exclusive features and discover which model is best for you!

Exmark Zero TurnWhat a value! A 2018 sixty-inch Exmark Quest zero-turn mower for just $4,599.

Get the latest in design from the experts in zero-turn technology with the redesigned 2018 Quest residential zero-turn mower. 

Exmark Quest is the top-grade mower designed for home landscaping. It delivers professional-level features, enhanced ergonomic comfort, professional cut quality and exceptional performance.

The Exmark team members have spent time on mowers with homeowners making sure they've developed a machine that will deliver what you need.


  • The Quest E-Series offers Exmark® powered engines
  • A three-year consumer warranty
  • 60 inch mower deck 
  • Ability to mow up to 2.8 acres per hour at speeds up to 7 mph
  • Ergonomically designed seat system
  • Quick and easy oil drain system
  • Advanced air intake system to decrease dirt ingestion and increase performance
  • Rear engine guard provides increased protection of critical engine component
  • A 2.9-gallon tank with one fill location to keep you mowing longer with fewer fill-ups

With a Quest you get the undeniable quality, comfortable seating, and easy handling of Exmark. You'll enjoy mowing more when you are seated in the premium, ergonomically designed seat system that provides a smooth, comfortable ride over uneven terrain. Enjoy the high-back contoured seat and the padded arm rests.

See why the professionals choose Exmark 2 to 1. Get all the details now at D&G Equipment in Mason, Williamston, Corunna, Highland, and Howell.

Exmark Zero Turn


Now on: Sixty inch Exmark Quest Just $4,599

The Next Great Zero Turn

Exmark has done it again; listening, inventing, refining, and further perfecting professional-grade zero turn mower from its unibody steel frame up. Lawn Care professionals owners with acreage to mow said, "It would be great if…" and Exmark got to work creating the Radius. They took everything they had learned from the evolution of previous zero turn models, mixed it with everything you said you wanted, and the result of all that work is available to you now!

If you would you like a professional-style zero-turn mower designed for your residential landscaping needs, an Exmark Quest mower is the premium choice! They have the professional-grade quality and high performance that you want.  

Quest zero-turn mowers offer you the power, performance, comfort, and fuel efficiency of a commercial-type mower for a budget that makes sense for a homeowner. Exmark Quest has two series and various models to choose from within each series. D&G Equipment can help you determine the size, price range, and fuel type best for your property.

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