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Residential FAQ

  1. Q -  When should I have my blades sharpened and how often?
    A - 1st thing in the Spring, we recommend you sharpen your blades every 6 - 8 weeks, depending on how often you mow, mowing     conditions i.e. ( sandy soils or foreign objects may require additional sharpening) or as needed for optimal cutting performance.

  2. Q - When should I have my blades replaced?
    A - Replace as needed, depending on soil conditions and frequency of mowing, always replace your blades if they become cracked, bent or have thin edges. See your local D&G store for sharpening services or replacements blades.

  3. Q - When should I have my Hydraulic Fluid changed on my mower or Compact Tractor?
    A - Generally every 250 hours, Please refer to your owner's manual as every make and model have different recommended intervals for changing your Hydraulic fluid.

  4. Q - When should I have my Mower or Tractor serviced?
    A - At the end of your cutting season & fall clean up or early Spring is the best. Please contact your local D&G Equipment Dealership for any Specials or Service Promotions.

  5. Q - How do I keep the underside of my mower deck clean?
    A - Use Liquid Graphite, Silicone or Mo-deck spray product and try to avoid cutting wet grass. If needed use a non-scratch tool to remove the excess grass or use the wash-out port on your mower deck (if applicable ). Always remember safety first. Turn off mower before inspection and be careful of sharp blade edges.

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