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Equipment Maintenance

Are you ready for Summer?

  • Check the condition of your spark plugs and replace if necessary.
  • Check air filters for dirt and damage to determine if any need cleaning or replacement. Clean debris from blowers and trimmers as well. 
  • Inspect your equipment for broken parts, and replace any that are broken or damaged.
  • Check screws and nuts, and retighten them if necessary.
  • Now is a good time to sharpen or change saw chains, as well as replace trimmer line
  • Lubricate parts where friction will occur.
  • Check power cords on electric tools for damage or wear. 
  • When mixing fuel, use fresh fuel (stored for less than 2 months) and new 2-cycle engine oil. View Mixing Tips
  • Use STIHL MotoMix® Patented Premixed Fuel in your fuel tanks. STIHL MotoMix® is a highly stable blend that will
    help to ensure great performance.
  • Don't put your power tool to work immediately—after a season of storage, let it warm up for a few minutes before use. 

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It's time to awaken your STIHL equipment from its winter slumber. Before you pull your tools out of storage and put them to work, make sure you've prepared them for your spring workload. This checklist of proper maintenance tips will help get your equipment out of hibernation and ready to run.  NOTE: For a comprehensive list of maintenance and repair instructions, refer to your product's instruction manual.

How to maintain your chain saw - Videos by STIHL

Learn how to properly store your gas powered Stihl equipment.

John Deere provides these tips to ensure you’re getting the best cut quality and longer life from your equipment.


Selecting Your Product

  • Use nationally recognized, mid-grade unleaded gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 89 (R+M/2) or premium unleaded if the octane rating in your area is lower.
  • Fuel should contain no more than 10% ethanol (do not use E85).
  • Choose engine oils that are designed for use only in air cooled two-cycle engines, not BIA or TCW rated mix oils for watercooled engines.

From the sludge build-ups and varnish in the fuel system to dried out plastic and rubber components to lack of lubrication and overheating, stale gas and e-blends are to blame for all sorts of starting and performance issues with small engines.

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