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Since 2006, D&G Equipment has been selling used parts online and in-store. Not only has this been a great way for us to expand the services we can offer to our customers, but it also provides you an eco-friendly way to dispose of your old equipment.

We need your old equipment. The best part? All you have to do is bring your equipment to our Grand River location, and we will take it from there – at no charge. At this location, our talented technicians disassemble the equipment and clean the viable parts. The parts are then weighed, measured, labeled, and washed in preparation to be photographed. Once photographed, they are placed in our warehouse and posted online.

Is 4-Wheel Steering the Best Choice for Your Next Riding Mower?

Four wheel steering is an innovative John Deere technology where the front and back wheels turn left and right together. The John Deere 4 wheel steer tractors work even better than a zero turn when you are trimming around trees, shrubs, fence corners and garden beds. They are easier to use than a zero-turn mower and work better on slopes. Zero turn mowers still have a tighter turn at the end of a pass for the fastest mowing times but the superior ride of the 4-wheel turn mower from John Deere may be more what you are looking for.

John Deere residential sprayers offer convenient and affordable solutions to your home needs.  With multiple options available for zero turns, gators, tractors and handheld John Deere sprayers help you keep your landscaping under control.

Gator 825iA John Deere Gator won't just exceed your expectations, it'll blow right by 'em and leave 'em in the dust. Whatever you want your Gator to do: get you back to that tough hunting spot, haul equipment, do yard work, construction, or even just have fun… John Deere makes a Gator utility vehicle to do it. We'd love to show you what the amazing Gator line up can do. Here at D&G Equipment we love any reason to climb in the cab of a John Deere Gator and we know you will too!

Find the Right Walk-Behind Lawn Mower for You

Today's walk-behind lawn mowers offer a wide range of options, sizes and features that will give you greater speed, efficiency, and comfort when you mow. With so many choices, the question is which mower is right for you? Are you looking for additional performance features? Do you know what size deck is right for you?

Let's get to work with the compact tractor that has all the power, comfort, and versatility you need. At D&G Equipment we have a huge selection of John Deere compact tractors in stock so you can test drive the options yourself. We go to school to learn what these amazing machines can do just so that we can help you find the tractor that does what you need. Come on in and let's find the workhorse that's right for you.

  1. Q -  When should I have my blades sharpened and how often?
    A - 1st thing in the Spring, we recommend you sharpen your blades every 6 - 8 weeks, depending on how often you mow, mowing     conditions i.e. ( sandy soils or foreign objects may require additional sharpening) or as needed for optimal cutting performance.

  2. Q - When should I have my blades replaced?
    A - Replace as needed, depending on soil conditions and frequency of mowing, always replace your blades if they become cracked, bent or have thin edges. See your local D&G store for sharpening services or replacements blades.

  3. Q - When should I have my Hydraulic Fluid changed on my mower or Compact Tractor?
    A - Generally every 250 hours, Please refer to your owner's manual as every make and model have different recommended intervals for changing your Hydraulic fluid.

  4. Q - When should I have my Mower or Tractor serviced?
    A - At the end of your cutting season & fall clean up or early Spring is the best. Please contact your local D&G Equipment Dealership for any Specials or Service Promotions.

  5. Q - How do I keep the underside of my mower deck clean?
    A - Use Liquid Graphite, Silicone or Mo-deck spray product and try to avoid cutting wet grass. If needed use a non-scratch tool to remove the excess grass or use the wash-out port on your mower deck (if applicable ). Always remember safety first. Turn off mower before inspection and be careful of sharp blade edges.

The Frontier Tips Notebook from John Deere is a compilation of tips, ideas & collective wisdom about how to get all kinds of jobs done around your place.

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Signature X700 series mowers from John Deere provide power and agility.  Watch this video brought to you from John Deere on how to safely remove and clean the mower deck.

The Benefit of Buying Genuine Stihl Parts

STIHL Dealers have the tools and resources to give your equipment the best service possible. This ensures that, as your servicing Dealer, we’re the authority when it comes to making repairs or replacements to your STIHL equipment. And when it comes to repairs and replacements, we look to genuine STIHL parts to get the job done