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Hay and Forage

For quality hay production, John Deere equipment is a cut above the competition. Our Ag experts at D&G Equipment are here to show you the innovations from windrowers to balers. Be sure to check out the videos below for information on how John Deere hay and forage equipment stacks up against competitors. There are videos on pickup, belts, crop condition, mo-co cutterbar, bale formation, bale monitor, drive systems and net wrap. Good haymaking is an art and every artist needs the right equipment!

See all John Deere has to offer by checking out the JOHN DEERE HAY AND FORAGE website.



Better Haymaking: Pickup

If you think every pickup on a baler is the same, then you're in for a surprise. Learn the importance of having a low-profile pickup, and how the John Deere MegaWide™ Plus stacks up to another manufacturer's pickup.


Better Haymaking: Belts

DiamondTough triple weave belts provide you with better hay handling.


Better Haymaking: Drive System

John Deere round balers feature fewer belts with fewer adjustments.


Better Haymaking: Crop Conditions

John Deere 8 Series Round Balers manage all crops.


Better Haymaking: MoCo Cutterbar

Low-profile cutterbar gives you durability, performance, and a 3-year warranty.


Better Haymaking: Bale Formation

The right formation chamber is one step towards producing great bales.


Better Haymaking: Bale Monitor

Simple, easy to operate balers offer accurate and time-saving information.


Better Haymaking: Net Wrap

John Deere COVER-EDGE™ Net Wrap. It's easy to load. See how simpler it is versus the competition


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